Jessi Baker

Tracing your steps with Blockchain

Blockchain is far more than a goldrush for bitcoin-miners. Above all, it’s an efficient tool for tracing your steps in a secure and reliable way. At The Absolut Company, we’ve engaged Jessi Baker, CEO of Provenance, to learn more. We had a chat with her on the benefits of using blockchain as a means of improving and proving both transparency and traceability.

The climate impact of Absolut Vodka

We have always had, and will always have, a strong ambition to reduce our climate impact. However, keeping in mind that distillation by nature is an energy-intensive activity, we are very proud to be able to say that our distillery in Åhus is known as one of the most climate and energy-efficient in the world, with an energy consumption of 60 percent less than that of the average distillery.

Our climate impact from transportation

Absolut Vodka is a global brand, 99 percent of our products are exported. This means that a significant portion of our carbon emissions is generated from transportation. We are a relatively small player in a much bigger game, but we’re determined to play our part and we are working on reducing our emissions.

Sustainability Through Long-Time Partnerships

Åhus Åkeri, a transport company operating from Absolut Vodka’s hometown of Åhus, have been providing Absolut Vodka with logistics services since 1974. Andreas Jönsson, owner of Åhus Åkeri, explains how a close partnership has helped to drive a sustainable approach to logistics for both companies.