Tomorrow’s Trädgård in Almedalen, 2019

Almedalen Week is an annual event and a democratic meeting place for dialogue, exchange and unexpected meetings that help to develop our society. In Almedalen 2019, we activated “Tomorrow’s Trädgård” to talk about the values that the food & drink industry contributes with to keep the countryside alive.

Jessi Baker

Tracing your steps with Blockchain

Blockchain is far more than a goldrush for bitcoin-miners. Above all, it’s an efficient tool for tracing your steps in a secure and reliable way. At The Absolut Company, we’ve engaged Jessi Baker, CEO of Provenance, to learn more. We had a chat with her on the benefits of using blockchain as a means of improving and proving both transparency and traceability.

Art that makes a difference

Air pollution and fine dust is a real problem in South Korea. Through an expressive art collaboration, Absolut wanted to raise awareness and address this issue in an expressive way. And by using a special, pollution absorbing paint, the artwork did a lot of good in itself. We had a chat with Misung Park, Brand Marketing Manager at Absolut, about the project.

The climate impact of Absolut Vodka

We have always had, and will always have, a strong ambition to reduce our climate impact. However, keeping in mind that distillation by nature is an energy-intensive activity, we are very proud to be able to say that our distillery in Åhus is known as one of the most climate and energy-efficient in the world, with an energy consumption of 60 percent less than that of the average distillery.

Producing for the future

As a big player in a small town, it’s important to always be aware of your responsibilities. For Anna Schreil, VP Operations at The Absolut Company, this is old news. Over the years, she has consistently introduced and implemented a number of innovative improvements at the factory in Åhus. But cobots, fully automated high-bay warehouses and industry 4.0 practices aside – the production of Absolut Vodka requires more than the push of a button. It’s a complex chain where every link – from locally grown grains to global sustainability claims – must be seamlessly integrated. Every day.