Tomorrow’s Trädgård in Almedalen, 2019

Almedalen Week is an annual event and a democratic meeting place for dialogue, exchange and unexpected meetings that help to develop our society. In Almedalen 2019, we activated “Tomorrow’s Trädgård” to talk about the values that the food & drink industry contributes with to keep the countryside alive.

Paper bottle development reaches significant milestone

The story of Absolut Paper and the vision to create a recyclable and fully bio-based paper bottle continues together with PABOCO. We’ve heard rumors of major progress in the project, so who better to talk to than The Absolut Company’s own Future of Packaging Director Louise Werner?

“The Good Challenge puts our creativity and passion into practice”

Vanessa Wright is Pernod Ricard’s VP Global Sustainability and the woman behind the group’s strategy for sustainability and responsibility, Good Times from a Good Place. She is also one of the driving forces behind The Good Challenge and part of the global jury that has the final say in the competition. We asked her to explain how The Good Challenge is supposed to link creative ideas with the company’s sustainability strategy.

Jessi Baker

Tracing your steps with Blockchain

Blockchain is far more than a goldrush for bitcoin-miners. Above all, it’s an efficient tool for tracing your steps in a secure and reliable way. At The Absolut Company, we’ve engaged Jessi Baker, CEO of Provenance, to learn more. We had a chat with her on the benefits of using blockchain as a means of improving and proving both transparency and traceability.