Circular Making

Paper bottle development reaches significant milestone

The story of Absolut Paper and the vision to create a recyclable and fully bio-based paper bottle continues together with PABOCO. We’ve heard rumors of major progress in the project, so who better to talk to than The Absolut Company’s own Future of Packaging Director Louise Werner?

Jessi Baker

Tracing your steps with Blockchain

Blockchain is far more than a goldrush for bitcoin-miners. Above all, it’s an efficient tool for tracing your steps in a secure and reliable way. At The Absolut Company, we’ve engaged Jessi Baker, CEO of Provenance, to learn more. We had a chat with her on the benefits of using blockchain as a means of improving and proving both transparency and traceability.

The climate impact of Absolut Vodka

We have always had, and will always have, a strong ambition to reduce our climate impact. However, keeping in mind that distillation by nature is an energy-intensive activity, we are very proud to be able to say that our distillery in Åhus is known as one of the most climate and energy-efficient in the world, with an energy consumption of 60 percent less than that of the average distillery.

Our climate impact from transportation

Absolut Vodka is a global brand, 99 percent of our products are exported. This means that a significant portion of our carbon emissions is generated from transportation. We are a relatively small player in a much bigger game, but we’re determined to play our part and we are working on reducing our emissions.

Sustainability Through Long-Time Partnerships

Åhus Åkeri, a transport company operating from Absolut Vodka’s hometown of Åhus, have been providing Absolut Vodka with logistics services since 1974. Andreas Jönsson, owner of Åhus Åkeri, explains how a close partnership has helped to drive a sustainable approach to logistics for both companies.