Swedish artists design bottles for Absolut Paper

Absolut teamed up with Swedish artists Fredrik Robertsson, Bea Szenfeld and Isabel Adrian to create their own unique design and interpretation of the bottle.

“I often use paper in my art and I’m very interested in reusing materials. That’s why I chose to remake the bottle as sheet of paper. I hope it shows how easily you can reuse materials yourself. I cut the bottle into small pieces of paper and then reassembled them by hand. I used an old technique without chemicals that anyone can use at home”, says fashion designer Bea Szenfeld.

“The black coating on my Absolut Paper symbolizes oil, toxins and other emissions that harm our environment. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, though and that’s what the glitter on the bottle represents – the positive forces that fight together to save our planet. Together, we can make a change”, says Fredrik Robertsson, fashion profile and Equality Ambassador Absolut Vodka.

“My bottle is called “What’s your story?” and made to resemble a diary. I’ve shared a memory that has changed my life on the bottle, and I hope people will keep it to share their own memories on it. Stories on paper last longer and are unique, just like this bottle. I believe my story is worth telling, and so is yours,” says Isabel Adrian, producer and designer.

The specially designed bottles of Absolut Paper will be donated to the Museum of Spirits’ collection (Spritmuseum in Stockholm).

“This is an exciting project from Absolut, who are always at the forefront. The bottles will be included in our collection that today holds over 6000 bottles. Here, they will have an eternal home”, says Ingrid Leffler, Museum Director.

The prototype bottle is the first step in a long-term partnership with Paboco (Paper Bottle Company). The bottle is fully recyclable, made from 57 percent fibres and 43 percent recycled plastics. The plastic makes up an inner coating, making it easy to recycle.

“Once the prototype has been successfully tested we enter the next development phase, working towards the ultimate goal of a fully bio-based bottle. Our sustainability strategy aims at full circularity and this launch is a step in the right direction. We’re also very proud to keep supporting the creative industry through this collaboration,” says Niclas Appelquist, Director of Innovation and Future of Packaging at The Absolut Company.