The Evolution of the Green Hustle

Sustainability can be an overwhelming topic, so when we launched The Green Hustle our idea was to make it more accessible for everyone by realizing that the smallest act can make a big impact, and you can have fun and be inventive along the way.

The Green Hustle is Absolut Vodka’s Global Bartender initiative with the ambition to change the way the industry operates to the better through sustainable practices. It’s all about inspiring bartenders to get involved in applying easy, ready-to-be-implemented hacks in their bars, that at the end of the day are beneficial to the environment, our industry, and their bottom line.

The ingredient-led, mindful bartenders of the world are already leading the way and showing everyone what’s possible. But we identified a need for a forum where these green hustles can be shared with the wider community. A place where all bartenders can feel armed with knowledge and empowered.

Our Global Brand Ambassador, Ricardo Dynan explains the idea behind the Green Hustle:

“For a brand like Absolut Vodka, nothing could be more hands-on than making cocktails. There is a huge movement going on in the bartending industry, with drinks being made from “trash” and so on and we wanted to support that movement. Given that we have the proper authority to speak about sustainability we wanted to tap into the movement, but also ensure that we put a green lens on everything we do. Since then, we’ve broadened our focus even more and instituted an eco-lens that takes into consideration how everything we do is done in a sustainable way. Today, this is something that is fully integrated into our training program, ‘Absolut Akademi’.”