Absolut Comeback Highlights Importance of Recycling and Circularity

Absolut Comeback – launched in 2019 – is a limited edition bottle made from used and crushed Absolut Vodka bottles which pays tribute to all who recycle glass and thus contributes to the bottle itself. Because of its unique look, it was also intended as a natural conversation starter, aimed at engaging people in talking about recycling.

Every bottle of Absolut Vodka is made from roughly 50 percent recycled clear glass, and the Absolut Comeback bottles are no exception in this area – they were made with the maximum percentage recycled glass we currently can achieve, without tainting the color of the glass.

Together with our supplier and long-time partners at Ardagh Glass, we are pushing the boundaries of high-quality, sustainable glass. For example, The Absolut Comeback bottles were made by using biogas instead of fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 300 tons.  

To support the launch of Absolut Comeback and to inspire recycling around the world, we released an inspirational guide to circular living – a collection of small steps everyone can take to lead a more circular lifestyle.