Tomorrow’s Trädgård in Almedalen, 2019

Almedalen Week is an annual event and a democratic meeting place for dialogue, exchange and unexpected meetings that help to develop our society. In Almedalen 2019, we activated “Tomorrow’s Trädgård” to talk about the values that the food & drink industry contributes with to keep the countryside alive.

The Absolut Company (TAC) has been present at Almedalen week since 2018. Almedalen is a major event taking place on the island of Gotland in July every year. Swedish politicians, entrepreneurs, NGOs and companies gather to network and exchange ideas.

TAC’s activation was called “Tomorrow’s Trädgård” (Tomorrow’s Garden) and the main theme was “Levande Landsbygd” – which loosely translates to “a living and active countryside”. Our focus was on the values the food & drink industry contributes with to keep the countryside alive.

“It was exciting to see how we got so many interesting people to contribute to the program, says Ulrika Lövdahl, head of the program. We were fortunate to listen to experts working with the future of packaging, food, blockchain, regenerative business and much more.”

Svenska Kocklandslaget (Swedish National Culinary Team) on duty.

The program ran for two full days, starting with a breakfast seminar on “La Vida Local” – people who leave the bigger cities to build a life on the countryside. Continuing with themed lunches, seminars, cocktails and dinner each day.

Since hospitality is very important to us, Svenska Kocklandslaget (The Swedish National Culinary Team) was asked to help with food for the garden.

“Our brief to them was to only bring their toothbrushes from Stockholm, everything else had to be sourced locally and the majority of what was served should be vegetarian, says Ulrika. This is important to us; we want to walk the talk and explore what our industry friends have to offer. Luckily Fredrik Andersson, team leader of Kocklandslaget, loves a good challenge and the team did an amazing job. Amazing enough to be awarded “Almedalen’s most sustainable food activation” (Almedalens klimatsmartaste mat*).”

*The founders of the initiative are Svensk mat- och miljöinformation, Vegonorm, Greenpeace Sverige, Djurens Rätt, Medveten Konsumtion, Fores, Fältbiologerna, PUSH Sverige, Nyhetsmagasinet Syre and Jävligt Gott.